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Updated on Mon, 15 Jan 2024

Nobody Save You — U*2402

Sun, 14 Jan 2024
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People ↩︎

Awesome people to follow.


A director whose share list of another great designer in his twitter. Also write interesting article about design in his website.

How & Why

Collection of insight, tutorial, and discussion by amazing people.

Lessons from a never-ending personal project

A discussion in Hacker News about the idea that finishing personal projects is not impossible. Emphasizes the importance of defining a goal and scope for a project, but not a deadline.

Internet Gems (Inspiration)

Well crafted ideas and provoking design to ignite the creative.

Mymind Homepage Redesign

When good copywriting and good design meets. Kudos to mymind team and Van Scheineder.

Pedro Duartes

Interactive introduction that displays a sentence by clicking on a trigger. Minimalist design, but not boring. Also, dark mode!.

Odyssey & Public Goods Branding

The branding project was executed by M Senyil, exhibiting a captivating, minimalistic, contemporary, and classical aesthetic.


Beautifully crafted digital invoice made with Framer in dark and light mode. See more of Nur Praditya's work.

Apps & Tools

Things that can help and make, work and life easier.


RSS feed reader and aggregator to read the newest content from favorite website, blog, or even Twitter feeds. Also, can be used to read email newsletter. Another alternative worth mentioning: Inoreader, Matter, Readwise Reader, Miniflux.


Another alternative to ChatGPT, who can research from recent source in the web. Basically, Chatbot meet intelligent search engine.

Midjourney Leaked

Database and developer chat becoming viral which is containing a thousand list of current artist, even kid arts!


Third-party X (Twitter) client for view tweet without login needed with less distraction. Twitter has become a walled garden.

Bank of Ideas (Resource)

A place to find the best design and ideas on the Internet.


Curated collection of recent interface and interaction design on X (Twitter). Created by Rejiggle, same people behind Godly.Website.

NEW Webby Gallery + Index

A place for discovering the best of Internet. Awards for web design alternative to Awwwards.

Dark Website



Words that True

Sentences and words for reminders and motivation.

You get excited about ideas, but quickly lose interest.


Nobody is coming to save you.


Song & Music

Songs that encourage and lift the mood.

2324 Album by Iwan Fals

It's great to listen at the start of the year. With lyrics that can reflect on the past year/past and reminders for now and the future.