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Sun, 04 Feb 2024
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Welcome to Unsolicited Knowledge. Most of it is something that I found on my journey — while surfing, and something that caught my attention.

It's important and worthy enough to keep and share with others — who might need it. It's curated and sorted according to its medium or its context.

Consists of amazing people01, why and how (insight02), internet gems (inspiration03), bank of ideas (resource04), useful tools05, life is a song—love is the music06, and words that matter (quotes07).

People ↩︎

Awesome people to follow.

Betuel Benitez —

An industrial designer who creates products that are clean and minimal, yet beautiful and useful. With a captivating sense of elegance, yet playful with soft colors.

Insight ↩︎

What, why and how.

Contrasting Aesthetics

Rauno explores the concept of contrasting aesthetics in various forms of media, including art, design, and music. It highlights how contrast can be used to create interest, invite curiosity, and communicate different styles and eras.

Inspiration ↩︎

Internet gems in any medium.

Gestalten's The New Beauty

Book cover design by Stefan Morgner using Grand Slang font by Nikolas Wrobel. It's capturing the sense of classic, modern, minimalism, and maximalism at the same time.

Gestaltens The New Beauty using Grand Slang from Nikolas Type

A Boring Morning but Cinematic

Obe Willems turn a boring morning—which is usually is just routine or repeated activity, to become an interesting short film. What makes difference from ordinary routine videos like typically people update on social media, he is capture those activities with different angle and composition.


Bank of ideas and inspo.

Learn Design — Lapa Ninja

Handful resource for learning web design collected from various web technology and with various sites.

Tools ↩︎

Things that do a specific type of work.


A simple and customizable music player which can play music from Youtube and Spotify.


Figma plugin that helps you create high-quality GIFs from static images and mockups.


All in one tools for collecting, analyzing, and sharing information that is publicly available and legally accessible, created by Teguh Aprianto.

Music ↩︎

Life is a song, love is the music.

Kunto Aji - Orang Asing Dalam Cermin (Official Lyric Video)

Quotes ↩︎

A highlighted word from humans that matter.

Work hard on yourself.

Jim Rohn